Trip 39 / Entry 6 / The Zurich Airport

“Make the most of every opportunity.”

Zurich airportI have never been to Switzerland and I doubt if two hours in the Zurich airport and a stamp in my passport will qualify as a visit.

I had about three hours before my flight to Bucharest. I walked what seemed like a mile to my gate and sat down an hour early with people on their way to Berlin and London. In a short time and thin well-dressed lady bopped up to where I was seated, smiled, greeted me in English and sat one seat away. I said, “You speak English, where are you from?” Get this, she is half Jewish, half Italian, holds Italian and Swiss citizenship but lives with her Yogoslavian / English husband in London. This is global stuff. No one is anything particular anymore.

We engaged in conversation and right away became friendly. I finally got around to what I was doing in Europe. Most people are curious since I seem to be quite acclimatized to travel. I flat out told her which took us into her views which were a mix of Judaism, Catholicism and New Age. We agreed on some things but where we didn’t I think I she saw the difference, She was no dummy and held a Ph.D. in Agronomy but works in Italy in her own company as a consultant for  “database solutions.” For obvious reasons, I stayed clear from anything to do with Agronomy and Technology. I stuck to apologetics and reasonable arguments for the Christian faith. It went super well and she suggested that when in Milano we meet and talk more. Pray for Marta.

A scary moment at Passport Control

Now a new development of interest. I come to Swiss Passport Control and the lady here thumbs my pages and says, “Where will you go from here?” I proudly listed off the countries. She went on, “There is no place to stamp. I cannot allow you to enter.” I pulled out the Canadian passport that was clean as a whistle. “Oh!” She said, “That will do.” CLICK. Away I went.

One comment on “Trip 39 / Entry 6 / The Zurich Airport

  1. Simon Brace says:

    Always wonderful to hear about your work and travels. Wish that I could be with you. Some outstanding opportunities to share the Gospel.

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