Trip 39 / Entry 7 / Arrival in Bucharest

I Got Picked Up by Four Girls!


SARAH and the girls were returning from an outreach week in Transylvania and came around through Bucharest in their crammed station wagon to pick me up. As I came out the EXIT door there they were with a hand scrawled “Welcome Tony to Romania” sign. As soon as they saw me they took out the ukulele and began to sing and I soon added my voice as the crowd happily smiled and entered in. Loaded into the car we pulled out for the three hour drive to Costanta. I was an hour and half late after I had just read in Swiss Air in advertising that they had a 100% on time rating. Don’t ever believe an airline.

2 comments on “Trip 39 / Entry 7 / Arrival in Bucharest

  1. Ann Hinrichs says:

    Could this be any sweeter! What a wonderful welcoming Tony.

  2. Mary Haskett says:

    Hi Tony I’m new to Chapel Ridge. I received your email and have so enjoyed reading your posts.
    The Lord bless you as you go in His name.

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