Trip 39 / Entry 8 / Costanta, Romania


Yesterday, I had lunch with a thirty-something single female missionary who would love to be married, have a home and a family. This is the ultimate desire of her heart. I know many like this. I also know many couples who live in sub-standard housing, only get electric and water at certain hours of the day or the week. They choose to live in uncomfortable environments – in cultures that are hard to navigate and where bureaucracies are designed to make a missionaries life miserable. Others reside in dangerous and threatening places for the glory of His name.

Note: Joel Osteen will bring in an estimated sixty and 72,000,000 dollars this year.  We are sick from the head to the toes.


When I am asked by our pastor to fast by giving up food for a day or coffee for a week, I find it an imposition but when I visit here and other parts of the world I find Christians who have shoe latches that I am not worthy to unloosen. They live a perpetual fast from everything, foods, holidays, and relatives. These people do not walk on water and do not want or expect special recognition yet, in my view, they are the Lord’s portion in the world and in so doing, fill up the sufferings of Christ.

3 comments on “Trip 39 / Entry 8 / Costanta, Romania

  1. mariela says:

    God bless this people that comunicate the love of God on that ways, !! they will recived the reware of their doing for God, and is incoraging see those people and also see you Tony haw you shows the love of GOd and the love for people duing all this treep , to teach , to preach, help and incoraging, thanks very much. GOD BLESS YOU !!

  2. Beth Bearden says:

    God forgive us and cleanse us from this mind-set and condition of our hearts. May we be fully surrendered to You so that You are able to use us in Your Kingdom.

  3. markpeterkins says:

    I agree Tony. I see some people here in Canada who are sacrificing for the Gospel as well – they amaze me.

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