Trip 39 / Entry 9 / Preaching at Costanta EV Free


IMG_3654You have seen this sort of photograph many times from me so I won’t bore you with many of the same. I was invited to preach and have a policy that I will go where the door is open. I did not know the pastor at all and I think it takes courage to allow some one you have never met or heard to take the preaching service.


It was a baby dedication day so many were IMG_3652there for this special occasion. When I say “many.” I mean perhaps fifty or so. In this part of the world a BIG church might be one hundred people. The word “MEGA” takes on a fresh significance where there are only a handful of believers. In situations of this nature, I almost always preach the gospel.

After having lunch at the amazing Marco Polo where they lost our order for an hour until I asked, I returned to ready myself for a week of DTS, teaching “Communicating Christian Thought in a Post Christian / Post Modern World” or “Contemporary Evangelism Methods.” I did this every morning for three hours mixed with several devotions for the entire staff of nearly thirty.

One of those times outside of the building.

One of those times outside of the building.

I have just become aware that I am certainly not a tourist. Oh , sure, I see my share of interesting things but for the most part, I go to a building – a building that has no address. It has an address but I don’t really need it. I go into a room and for most of the week I do not leave the building – that same building – except for a walk around the block. I may, once or twice be taken by car through the city streets as landmarks are pointed out to me. We might get out and stroll a few blocks to a restaurant then after eating taken back to the building and my room in the dark. It occurs, to me that except for the long flight to get here, unfamiliar language that surrounds me, and interesting but unfamiliar architecture out of my window, I might just as easily be in Topeka, Kansas or Kingston, Ontario. My point is this, there is little glamorous about what I do. Still, I make no complaint. Within these walls and others like them, I have met some of the nicest people on the planet.  Christians with all of their flaws are the best people that exist. Here in Romania there are so few of them. To me, they shine like stars in the dark sky.


One comment on “Trip 39 / Entry 9 / Preaching at Costanta EV Free

  1. Lila Brown says:

    I agree, Christians with all their flaws are my favorite people also. I am a Christian with flaws just like all the others. Someday soon we will be standing face to face with truth and no flaws. His name is Jesus. Keep marching for Him, He sees and knows your heart. Blessings Lila

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