Trip 39 / Entry 13 On the way home from Papanashi

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Treating the Students

PapanashiWhen I have the money, I always try to treat the missionaries and students to a meal or perhaps dessert. Most of these people live on restricted incomes that will not allow for a night out. Since I had about ten to take out I tried to come up with something economical. In Norway, this just could not be done at all but in Romania the prices are very low (about 1/4th of Norwegian prices) so it is possible to do. I took them to a popular pizza restaurant that happens to be known for its famous Romanian Papanashi. Papanashi is something akin to a doughnut but filled with amazing fruit filling. I was told ahead of time that it was unforgettable and they were right. It came to me with two on the plate and almost (I say “almost”) more than I could down.


How lives are touched and the gospel spreads

The American girls, DeeJ and Katelyn

The American girls, DeeJ and Katelyn

As we walked back down the broken streets, chatting in the dusk, I heard some excitement ahead as some Turkish lady was hugging the two American girls (one from Texas and the other from Georgia). There was a “Priase God” and a “Thank You, Lord” with the Turkish lady pointing toward heaven.

I wanted to know what was going on and finally figured it out in bits and pieces. By now everyone was celebrating. It turns out that the woman’s husband had returned after being incarcerated for eight months in St. Martins. The American girls had translated over the phone to his lawyer in St. Martins providing the information he needed to be released. They had also prayed for the lady and now he was home. This is what we do. We provided the human assistance we can but we also bring the spiritual to bear. For Muslims, this is a rare event that people pray and answers come. So, the girls and the YWAM team have credibility they had not had before. This is often the way it starts as the lady will tell her neighbors and family spreading the good-will and favor. One small thing can open the door to an entire community.


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