Trip 39 / Entry 14 / Nothing Matches

Friday, September 26, 2014

What observation I could make…


IMG_3696What I have noticed in the few times I have gone beyond the walls of this building where I interact with about twenty others, is that nothing here really matches. For instance, dogs and cats don’t match. No one needs to walk a dog. The streets are full of these unidentifiable creatures. They are dogs but you almost never see what might be a breed you can recognize. Apparently, Costanta, Romania has no spay – neuter program and no one seems compelled to consider this as a good idea. Scrawny, ugly, mangy cats that roam the streets, and howl throughout the night are as plentiful as Mexican cockroaches in Tijuana. Clothes don’t match. People put on what they can afford. BMW’s and Mercedes are parked next to a beat up Lada and horse drawn carts, buildings in ruins set next to luxury high rises, freshly paved boulevards are lined with trash and weeds. This is Romania. Coming from America and Canada you will readily see where a century of Communism and graft will leave a splendid people. Nevertheless, six years after my last visit, I see marked improvement. Just as with Slovenia’s recovery, I expect to see Romania emerge with a positive future. However, I will say this, Slovene’s are remarkably industrious and resourceful. I do not sense the same industry with Romanians. The men seem to do the least they can to improve their lot. In the short time I was here (perhaps this was only in the Turkish district I was exposed to) but the men seemed to do almost nothing. Trash on the sidewalks in front of houses was simply stepped over. Cars with flat tires had been there in the same condition for a year with no one bothering to even repair them. Many sidewalks are displaced or entirely broken up and unwalkable.

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