Trip 39 / Entry 18 /

MONDAY, September 29, 2014

IMG_3527cropI have a day to myself so I got off to a slow start. I did general errands like taking clothes to the cleaners at three times the US price, dropping in on friends in their stores and shops and so forth.

One of my joys is to draw portraits of friends and encourage them through gifts. In so doing, I have many friends that would have been missed. On Monday afternoon, I pooped around to see Halla, an opera singer and owner of the bar, Pulcinella. Her husband Paolo was there to greet me and since it was Halla’s day off, made arrangements for me to drop on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning

Halla Margret ArnadottirWe did meet on Tuesday at 11 and as I thought, Halla was overwhelmed and lavishly expressed her gratitude. We chatted for quite some and long enough for me to learn her clear gospel confidence. It was nice to find a Lydia in this city. She wants to arrange a fall event when I would come again with a band and art show.

Later in the week I introduced her to Mariela who share many similar interests regarding the arts. In May Mariela will be hosting the seventeen member Ballet Magnificat from Jackson, Mississippi in the city of Fidenza only fifteen minutes away. Halla and Mariela talked about how they might collaborate making the event successful.

In the evening I went for a pizza at a rather well-known restaurant Al Corsaro on Cavour. There I met a family of four from Australia and across the tables did some low-grade witnessing.

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