Trip 39 / Entry 21 / The Interview


OCTOBER 2, 2014

In the evening we held our second Bible Study night. Upon arrival I was told that a journalist was here to interview me regarding, “Religious Dialogue.” I said, “Of course,” and met with her for about twenty minutes prior to the meeting which she happily sat through taking notes. I used the opportunity to witness out of the side of my mouth and she stayed after for some time as I explained that all religions are nothing alike and exclusive. If she meant “dialogue” as in a syncretistic coming together then this would be impossible since Christians have the pesky problem of Christmas and Easter which will not mesh with any other religion. I reminded her of something I had heard on radio that summarizes the difficulty of inter-religious “dialogue.” “A Muslim cleric was being interviewed when he made this astounding and unthoughtful remark, “Muslims and Christians believe many of the same things except they believe that Jesus is God.”

This is no small matter.

Apparently, I was reported fairly and admirably or so I am told. It is my hope that her life has been touched by the gospel. She seemed to understand all of my points both in the interview exchange and Bible study.

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