Trip 39 / Entry 26 / On to Norway

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Empty Oslo


SOUL DEPRIVATION SUICIDE, and at the end of all of this…Nihilism or Existentialism, Materialism… it is all Nothingness.

   Neitzche, Sartre, Freud and the Hippies were right.

When people become empty and depressed enough they commit physical suicide but I think I observe another suicide here in Europe that most people don’t see. People aren’t killing themselves, but yet here in Scandinavia men and women, boys and girls are committing suicide right and left. Souls appear to be so desperate and so lost that it becomes difficult to find young people under the age of thirty who by midnight who aren’t well on their way to being senselessly drunk on the weekend.

I should add that there seem to be no sexual boundaries and living together unmarried is the most common form of habitation. In Oslo homosexuality is visible and as common as heterosexuality. Let me make a guess and extrapolate from conversations that bi-sexuality is rather understood even among the so called “straight” people.

Last night while speaking to a young man walking with what looked like his girlfriend, I made a blunder and said, “It may be that you and I remain the only seriously straight men in Oslo.” he replied, “I am not straight,” then held up his finger which had on it a gold band, then said, “I am engaged to another man. This is only my friend I met in elementary school.” Pointing behind us, he went on, “That’s HER boyfriend behind us.”

Those who are beyond thirty appear to commit suicide by buying stuff. Like alcoholism, consumerism is a way for people who don’t have any “WHY” to respectably self medicate. Adults over thirty seem to live only for stuff. If we could just reverse the “Beatitudes” I think we might discover the driving forces behind this suicidal despair. There seems to be three main cultural themes, Pride, Pretense and Artificiality.

Though I mention Norway, this analysis is likely true throughout the whole of Europe.

One comment on “Trip 39 / Entry 26 / On to Norway

  1. Peter says:

    my guess is that this is where we’re headed in Canada. We’re already well on the way.

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