Trip 39 / Entry 29


Sunday, October 5, 2014


I hadn’t previously planned on it, but on Saturday, I received a text asking me to preach at Oasen near Tonsberg  at 5PM on Sunday. This meant a slight rearrangement of my travel plans but I caught a bus and got off on the side of the road at the Shell station about a mile uphill from the SBI and the church, Oasen.   I won’t say much about this as I have often reported on ministry at Oasen.


2014 SBI Staff and Class

2014 SBI Staff and Class

SBI (Smyrna Bible Institute, Vale, Norway)

Monday to Friday, October 5 to 11, 2014

Smyrna has experienced some leadership change with a new Headmaster, Kjelle. This has left things rather up in the air. Using the oft repeated phrase I learned from Tim Freeman, “New man, new plan.” This means a time of transition so the enrollments were down from previous years. Yet, the students turned out to be enjoyable and good listeners.  I once again taught on “Contemporary Evangelism Methods” or “Communicating Christian Thought in a Post Christian / Post Modern World.”

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