Trip 39 / Entry 30

Friday to Sunday, October 10-12, 2014

The Girls

Friends come for a visit : ) Ina, Carina, Hanne, Aurora

Hanne and Aurora

Hanne and Aurora

I have guy friends as well but, let’s face it, women are just better at communication and maintaining relationships. Ina was first to show up but she had good reason since her boyfriend, Bobby works at SBI. Then, later in the week came another former student and friend who spent her time with Hilde another student so I didn’t feel so bad when I failed to connect as I should have. Later, on Friday Hanne and Aurora came to visit from four hours away in Kristiansand. Both of these girls are quite close so it was nice to see them again.


The FilipinIMG_3843os

The year before, among others, I had two Filipino girls in my class. Lhyn and Belinda were both bright, happy girls who have now moved on. Lhyn is working on a church staff in Dramman while Belinda has been in Tonsberg waiting to return home to Manila and renew her visa. Lhyn came by bringing me chocolates.  We didn’t spend so much time together but it was nice for her to go to all of the trouble just for hug.

Anne, the Brazilian

Anne, the Brazilian

Pastor Akinyele singing a blessing over Belinda

Pastor Akinyele singing a blessing over Belinda

Later on in the week I invited myself to Jesus is Lord church in Tonsberg, a Filipino congregation.  They were having a special good bye for Belinda, after service so we joined with others in celebrating her. It turns out that she now has Andreas as a boyfriend so this made this all the more special. Pastor Joseph and Anne Gomes (a former student from Brazil were all in attendance).  Even though surround by about thirty Filipinos it was a bit of a reunion for several of my classes. Both Joseph and I prayed a blessing over Belinda as did many others.

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