Trip 39 / Entry 32

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A day with the girls

IMG_3860We started with breakfast in Revental and then drove into Tonsberg where we were to meet Anne Gomes who got side tracked by some church commitment. We made due by marching up a mountain which Norwegians feel some obligation to do when entertaining visitors from America.

Muslim Protest


The girls and I were enjoying a cup of coffee at Wayne’s Coffee in the center of Tonsberg (something that made great sense to me) when along came about one hundred or so  Muslims with banners and megaphones. They were protesting radical Islam and particularly ISIS and their attack on Kobane in northern Iraq. Speeches were given and I stood listening having Andreas interpret.

Of course, I am quite happy about this since Muslims are forced into the pages of the Qu’ran to see for themselves what “jihad” actually means.  They might have their eyes opened and hence have to decide if Orthodox Islam is as the radicals claim, which, by the way,  I believe it is. Realizations of this nature may lead many to a wholesale rejection of Islam as has happened in many cases. This sort of “dead stop” seems to be causing many to come to Christ.

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