Trip 39 / Entry 33

Saturday, October 4, 2014


photo 1While walking home on the main thoroughfare of Oslo, Karl Johannes, I was approached by at least twenty African prostitutes within a span of three American blocks. I can see them coming. They have identified me as a tourist and if necessary, can invite me to their apartment in ten different languages. If German doesn’t work they immediately switch to English and on and on it goes until they get it right.

This morning on the same street I was approached by gypsy women all wanting money for a starving baby. I see them coming, they have spotted me as an uninitiated novice in the ways of “Roma.”

As an evangeIist I often feel the same and treated similarly. It takes “cold call” courage to be a hooker or gypsy. It takes everything I have to intiate a conversation. I am always glancing this way and that- always watching for the right person, the right moment. You cannot have an ounce of “threshold fear” especially here in Norway where social distance is well defined and rejection less than courteous.

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