Trip 39 / Entry 34

Paris, France

Sunday to Wednesday, October 12-15, 2014

IMG_3899 cropI haven’t much good to say about my two and a half days in Paris. I took a room at a Best Western. You all know what I am about to say, “Websites lie.” The hotel was nothing like the promises made.I paid almost as much to get from Oslo to Paris (90 Euro) as I did to get from Orly Airport to the hotel (70 Euro) in Montmartre. Upon arrival I found that the hotel, while a three star at 168 Euro a night (an awful price to pay for unconscious sleep)  had no lobby at all and with a note pinned to the door, I waited on the street for the reception to return. Under the staircase, I registered and took my room with the promise that it was an upgrade (another lie).  I went to my room sorted myself out and then crawled into bed. Within minutes I found myself closing the windows in order to shut down the twenty-four hour street sounds of motorcycles, cars, yelling and ambulances. This gave me silence but no air IMG_3927 cropand the thermostat was a total puzzle so after sweating for most of the night my perspiration was broken at five-thirty by the sound of doors squeaking, mops or brooms clacking against the walls, chairs and tables being scraped across the floor. I was not told that my room was next to the breakfast room. This prompted me to go immediately to the Reception and demand that I be moved. The clerk assured me that this would be done but over the next four hours it was not. I went once more and the receptionist said that he was discussing the best option with a colleague, This turned out not to be true at all and when he was replaced at noon, I wrote out my complaint in French (using Google translator) and handed it to the replacement. In the classic French way, he was furious at the fellow before him who had left the entire business for him to fix but he was a professional and after venting his anger, he took charge and got me to a very private room on the sixth floor! If you say nothing, you get nothing.

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