Trip 39 / Entry 36

Paris, France

Jean Louis Arnaud

Monday, October 13, 2014

IMG_3929 cropI originally planned to meet with an old friend I met more than twelve years ago while taking photographs near LePuy, France. In those days, Jean Louis was married and living in a small village called Polignac in the Rhone valley of Central Massif. Since then he has gone through many changes and now on his own studying to be a nurse. He was appointed to begin his floor internship in Paris. He has been such a loyal friend I wanted to connect to renew our friendship and for this reason I made the side trip to Paris. Let me tell you what kind of guy Jean Louis is, about three weeks after 9/11 I received a beautiful sympathy card post marked “France.” When I opened it I was moved to tears that anyone would do what he did. In stumbling English he sent his personal condolences for our loss. I never think of stuff like this. I should but I don’t.

IMG_3938 cropSadly, it turned out that he was on the south side of Paris and I on the north. His schedule was so demanding that he didn’t feel that he would have the flexibility to meet me. We talked on the phone and agreed that someday this was going to happen.

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