Trip 39 / Entry 39


Wednesday to Friday, October 15-18, 2014



IMG_4004 cropI don’t really know what to say about Marseilles and my three day experience there. I went there for only one reason and that was to visit Linda Hache, Grayling and Sandra Trees and the four person Bethany internship team. I was cancelled out on two of the three as Linda returned to Canada for eye surgery and the Trees were stuck somewhere still trying to arrange a suitable car so I would connect with four girls, Sarah Beth, Christine. Chrissy and Clare.

I arrived in the afternoon met Sarah and Christine at the station and went by tram and bus to their place, a large apartment at the end of a bit of a climb. My room was on the ground floor in a ministry center / compound that provides facilities for several mission ministries.

After getting acquainted the girls took me on a beautiful evening down to the coast. Since Marseilles is the most Arabic (north African) city in France the evidence of Islam is quite apparent. We would be passed by many women pushing a pram with a new born followed by four or five or more young children. Many men congregate in the open air coffee shops sipping coffee or tea and discussing whatever it is, quite loudly. The silhouetted palm trees on a salmon orange backdrop of soft sunset and shrill north African music with small Bendir (drum) keeping time makes one feel that he or she is not in Europe at all.


The one thing I will say about Marseilles is that they have some pretty terrific graffiti.

IMG_3983 crop IMG_3984 crop IMG_3985 crop IMG_3986 crop

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