Trip 39 / Entry 44


Monday, October 20- Thursday October 23, 2014

IMG_4101I had an interesting ride from Marseilles to Genova, changing at Nice and Ventemille. Along the way I met a number of nice people but in the last ride my reservation put me in a six-seat room with three ladies. Though only one spoke English I quickly deciphered that  all three were terrific. They were headed to Milan but before I had gotten off at Genova we had enjoyed a great time together. All were very friendly and bright. They happily tolerated my Italian and so we had an interesting couple of hours. I mention this because it is atypical of what usually takes place. Most often, no one speaks to anyone they do not know and the trip is made in silence.  I thought, “I wish Jeanne were here. She would find this out of her element but she would have really liked these gals.” They were just intelligent, ordinary and nice.”

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