On to Susy and Jame’s near Totnes in Devon…

Stopping at pretty spots along the way to Totnes

Trust me, you can miss the turn off and find yourself miles from where you intend to be. It all looked so easy, but we did go about twenty miles too far, parked the van, found her cell number but, guess what? My cell phone was about out of battery and I was left with time for one desperate call. If I missed, I would be on my own trying to find Susy who lives in the country. I had been warned ahead of time that I would likely need her help to come and meet me. I suddenly felt like I was on the Apollo 13 space shuttle and running out of vital support systems and, in my case daylight, very quickly.

Totnes, finally

I made the call and connected long enough to be told what to do and where to go. She would come and meet us there in about forty-five minutes. We fumbled our way back to the main highway, found the right turn-off, and finally made it to Totnes with time to spare. Along she came and after exchanging hugs and “howdies” we got in behind her and followed her some ten miles along a very narrow road to their small farm. As soon as we arrived we were hustled off to a neighborhood barbecue  across two fields dotted with manure droppings and Suffolk / Hampshire blended sheep.

Susy and Jame’s place

We met a lovely and welcoming group of folks who made us a nice supper on the grill. After a good visit, we retired with Sunday on tap. James would go up to the village church and the rest of us would get ready for a trip to an elegant historical home, Dartington Hall.

Dartington Hall

James, Susy, Jeanne and me…

From there we would all go together for fish and chips along the coast in the village of Brixham, where our daughter-in law Noemi’s sister Elizabeth and her husband live.  There we would part company with Suzy and James, who would head back to Totnes, while Jeanne and I would travel in the opposite direction, along the sea. We would spend our second day on the road in Plymouth.

Seeing Grandkids





This being a traveling Bible teacher is just terrible… what a hard life!

There are just a few perks (go eat your heart out) with my job. Sure, I’m out of my bed and I don’t have my stuff but I do get a paid trip  to Minneapolis several times a year where I can keep up with these two and other grandchildren (more about them later). It seems to me that we have a pretty good gene pool outcome here. In this case we have Matt and Noemi’s kids.

Now, let’s see, how good a guesser are you? Which picture did Noemi, my photographic genius daughter-in-law take and which did I?

You can see her smashing work by following this link…


Here's Leyton, the other one.

Here's Leyton, the other one.