Entry 8 Pescara, Italy

Monday Afternoon

October 30, 2009 (I think)


Pescara Trip Oct 26 2009 017

Finalemente, io sono in Pescara dopo sette ore di viaggio su il treno. 

Finally, I am Pescara after seven hours of travel by train.

I am here in Pescara (with Beto, Rachael and, their daughter Nikki Tavares and later Elia and Virginia Viola, plus their five children), after seven hours of travel by train.

Pescara Trip Oct 26 2009 019

Beto and his wife have just, four months ago, come to Italy from Brazil to assist the YWAM base in Pescara. Beto is the founder of YWAM’s Praise Village in Brazil.

Pescara Trip Oct 26 2009 020

The Viola’s formerly worked with YWAM in Catania and I remembered Elia from my visit there in 2005. At the last minute I was made room for. Thanks to Sandra for giving up her room to a stranger!

It’s a small world as Beto and Rachael worked in Brazil with Bethany and good friends with our friends in Minneapolis, former missionaries to Brazil, George and Dolly Foster. Never underestimate the power of connections as these will provide one with free food pretty much anywhere in the world.

Mario and Sheila 10 29 09 002

On the map I am down the Adriatic coast toward the boot (Puglia).

Mario and Sheila 10 29 09 003

I have just had a fairly good night of rest and will wait in an empty house until M and S ( I preached in his church in Sassuolo on several occasions ) will come to meet me at about eleven this morning. In the meantime, I will write this account and then take a shower. Hopefully by tonight, or perhaps tomorrow, I will be in Citta di Castello with my friends Luke and Dawn Mann. Citta is in Umbria near Perugia at the edge of Tuscana.