2 comments on “Ministry and Travel

  1. Imra Dillis says:

    I love to follow this adventure and pray for You, blessings imra

  2. Virginia Colegate (Hull) says:

    Hi Tony, you may not remember me, but i do you! I was at BCOM 2000-02 and took a number of your classes….excellent they were too!
    Great to read how GOd has been working and is working in and through you…..wow you are a busy guy!
    I am from Australia though born a brit and now live in England after returning here soon after bible college. Met and married a lovey brit and GOd has blessed us with a little girl. We now live in Exeter, Devon, after living in Manchester for 7 years and being very much involved in a church there. We are now going to our local baptist church and will see what God has for us here. We are not ‘baptist’ as such but the ministry is very clear and in fact full of the Lord and His spirit..HIs word clearly spoken….we have been to alot of churches down here of various types and didn’t find many like this so know it is where God has us for this time.
    Not sure where you speak in Uk, but would be interested to know .
    You met my parents once as we went out for coffee with you when they visited me at bcom…Bernard Hull….he is also involved in Christian ministry and preaches in many countries and denominations. Anyway as i said you may not remember me , don’t really expect you too as many students you have taught!
    Just wanted to thankyou for your ministry and for being faithful to the Lord. BLess you !

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