Entry 3 / Bethany College of Missions


Ann and Luke Hinrichs

After teaching for three straight hours in the morning and finally arriving at Acts, Chapter 5, I went for the remainder of the afternoon to Starbuck’s where I drank coffee and worked on my Mormon power point presentation. Every teacher worth his or her salt has to master technology or no one will take him or her seriously.

The Sesame Street generation expects to be entertained while they learn. So while they have promised us, in days past, that instructional technology will save us lots of time and free us up to play golf in the afternoons it has managed to do just the opposite. I am chained to a table in a coffee shop.

The happy visit with the Hinrich’s  

Ann trying to abscond with MY cheese cake

Ann and Luke have been friends for at least thirteen years. I first met Ann while she an I served on the same staff as full-time instructors here at Bethany. Ann is now engaged as the Worship Pastor at Plymouth Congregational Church here in Plymouth, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. Plymouth Congregational has about twelve hundred people and three services every weekend so she has a lot to do.

Luke, her husband, is an editor at Bethany House Books and once worked about two office doors away from, but alongside my wife, Jeanne who did a similar job.

 Ann has been on the ACCI Board since the beginning and has a history of making more than twenty-five trips taking teams (nearly 300 people) to the central American country of Belize.

She and her husband Luke have joined me in my effort to help Italy and Slovenia and have made a number of trips to those gospel needy nations as well.

Entry 2 / Bethany College of Missions


About sixty students in all.

When facing a classroom full of new students, the hardest part of  teaching for me is finding “The Sweet Spot.” Every class make-up is different. Bethany College of Missions can be a complicated challenge for anyone. Though this particular class is made of people with many similarities (age, nationality and so forth), this has not always been the case. From time to time I have had classes where there was a range of  seventeen to nearly sixty years of age. I have had, in the same room, Pentecostals to Presbyterians and Baptists to bugerheads. Some of the students have earned PhD’s while others barely have their GED’s. Then on top of all this, I once had a student body made up of people this range of ethnic and cultural diversity –  US, Canada, England, France, Japan, Tajikistan, Zambia, New Zealand and on and on it goes.

Frankly, I like teaching in this kind of minefield. I love stripping people of their cultural and denominational dispositions and doing my best to introduce them to the idea of living instead in the culture of the King.  

Meet World Changers, Larry, Curly and Moe

These are a great group of committed young people who have made the hard decision to never have a REAL job. They have for the sake of the world and eternity thrown themselves upon the gospel and have no “Plan B.” They have made the choice – all of their lifetimes – to  face the headwinds of adversity.

When I stand before them I often feel like the writer of the Royal Book of the Hebrews when in chapter 11, verses 37-38 the text reads,

They were stoned, they were sawn in two, were tempted were slain with the sword. They wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, tormented of whom the world was not worthy. They wandered in deserts and mountains, in dens and caves of the earth…”


Entry 1 / Bethany College of Missions

The Book of Acts

Bethany College of Missions, Minneapolis

March 7-17, 2010

One of the Perks!

The work starts tomorrow morning at 8AM when I enter a classroom with about fifty to sixty missionary students. I have taught Acts on at least fifteen separate occasions to approximately 1,000 people. I used to be allowed and entire semester of three, one hour classes a week for thirteen weeks. In other words, minus the five exam periods, I had about 36 hours of lecture time. Even when I had such time available, I never managed to complete the entire book and often only got as far as Chapter 21 (there are twenty-eight chapters). I have my work cut out for me.

But… in the meantime…  

Next weekend I will have the opportunity to visit my son Sky, his wife Angie and two children, Justin and Alysha in Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Jesse and Dylan getting ready to devour a scrumptious lunch of homemade soup and bagels!

Today I had lunch with my daughter Rachel, Jeremy her husband and two boys, Jesse and Dylan.


This is what a real bagel looks like. You should taste it! Most of my friends who have only tried Brueggers or Einsteins have yet to taste the real thing. Wait until you sink your teeth into a Montreal style bagel – a hand rolled, wood fired bagel made by authentic Jewish rabbinical students. This one turned out by Jeremy comes pretty close

A chip off of the ole’ block!



Tonight I had a quick pizza with my son, Matthew, Pastor of Bethany Church in Minneapolis. During the next seventeen days or so I will have a number of occasions to see his wife Noemi and children, Adriah, Leyton and Clara, the newest one that I haven’t even laid eyes on yet. This is certainly one of the fun parts of being away from home for two weeks or more.

                                Punch Pizza…                       

The closest an American can come to Napoli without leaving the continent.



Upcoming Ministry Spring 2010

Minnesota / March 7-18

The Book of Acts

Bethany College of Missions


Norway / April 13 – 22

Evangelism Methods

Smyrna Bible Institute


London, England / April 23 – 26

Preaching, Teaching,  Evangelism


New Brunswick / May 4-10

Communicating Christian Thought in a Post Christian / Post Modern World.

Bethany Wesleyan College