Canada / Metro Wesleyan, Halifax

Invited to preach, I presented the gospel as clearly as I could and it seemed to land on good soil. The gifts of the Evangelist are discernment and faith. The Evangelist must be able to detect where people are at and then believe that words (God’s Word) has the power to transform someone. As I spoke, I noticeably recognized the power of God at work in the room. I had tremendous liberty in both proclamation and explanation. When I invited a response at the end of the hour, several raised their hands indicating that they fully understood the implications of the message. Hopefully, there will be fruit in the days and weeks to come.


Mother’s Day brought out three delightful and attentive sisters and their husbands…

I had to work hard to keep the very enthusiastic Raya from jumping up and taking over the pulpit. As they say, “All is well that ends well.”

Edie Cole, (Ted Tibbetts), Pat Donkin, (Don Donkin), Raya Duggan (John Duggan)

Dr. Stephen Elliott

I enjoyed working with Dr. Stephen Elliott who led the worship time. Sadly, poor Stephen has been deprived of gifting. He only plays piano, sings, church plants, Pastors and is now a professor. I have known Stephen for at least twenty-five years and have always considered him to be a bit of a ministry Renaissance man.