I won’t spend much time on our old friends, the Usserys

Looking toward Colwyn Bay

I already talked about them in earlier blogs. One of our great pleasures is to drop in and encourage former students and missionaries by taking them out, listening and praying with them. In this case, Jeanne was particularly interested in the visit because she really appreciates Ali. Not that I don’t, but there’s something special about women and relationships. Men just tell stories to one another while women connect on some level that leaves me utterly bewildered.

I was just in Rhos on Sea and in their home last fall where they gave me a free bed. They and their three children share the home that faces the sea with Ali’s mother and father.  You can learn more about them if you scroll back to October of 2011.

The smallest house in the UK

Nate and Ali live in Wales but Nate’s ministry takes him to the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia) where he works in reconciliation and leadership development.

We had a short but good visit. The first night we went out to The Queen’s Head for supper (can’t beat it) and then on the next day, Nate drove us around as we talked. Later in the day we left for Preston to see Canadian friend and Chaplain, Shawn, before reaching the Lake District (England) for the night.