A Very Paintable Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

A Busman’s Holiday

So what is a “Busman’s Holiday?” When a bus driver takes a day off he most often has so little money that all he can do is drive about in his car (something he does every day of his or her life). So, here we have it. I travel all of the time but when I get a day to myself, I wind up traveling once again. Yet, this provides a good time as long as my cultural informers won’t mind pulling over every so often so I can take a picture.  

Then people think that I have lots of fun when I travel. What they don’t know is this. When I was in Norway, I spent a total of $5.80 in seven days. Then in Sussex, if it were not for the Tim Horton’s and Smitty’s Restaurant down the hill from the college, I would have had no outings at all. I certainly don’t spend my days in museums or laying on the beach. Generally speaking, when I am on a teaching or preaching assignment, I spend almost the entire time in a dormitory room or someone’s spare bedroom.

Peggy’s Cove is a rustic, authentic fishing village on the edge of the world. It boasts a splendid lighthouse and some magnificent and massive wave smoothed rocks that jut out into the cold Atlantic Ocean.

Regrettably, we didn’t get the best of days for taking photographs for watercolor paintings. It was a “close” day as Canadian’s call those days that are grey or foggy. Still, you’ll enjoy these pictures. Hopefully, I will one day get some of these quaint images on to watercolor paper.