More inspiring news from ACCI and Progetto Archippo in Italy

We have a terrific team in Italy and it is growing all of the time. In Trieste we have Caleb and Linda, Citta di Castello, Luke and Dawn, Parma Aldo and Mariela as well as Francesco and Alessia. We also have Alessandro an Italian from Palermo who  works in Italy and South Africa. Soon, Brad and Julia will find their spot. But seeing ministry grow and people coming to faith isn’t the only good thing going on, the church is also being strengthened by people like Luke and Ann Hinrichs who make trips encouraging believers. More recently we have partnered with our friends from Southern Evangelical Seminary and now we have another five to seven leaders taking part in our work in Parma. Just recently the Director of Progetto Archippo, Francesco wrote with encouraging news. Progetto Archippo, a ministry training center (supported by about fifteen mission agencies in Italy)  began  about two years ago with most of the attendees coming from our local church, Gruppo Crisitano Latino Americano but now we are seeing a big change where believers from other churches and communities are becoming involved.

Francesco, Director of Progetto Archippo

Look at what he writes in an email received just yesterday… I quickly share some good news…  The last 2 seminars of Archippo finally paid themselves. I’m confident this trend will be confirmed with the next ones…  The number of participants from other cities has increased (12 last seminar).

Yesterday I held a short seminar on evangelization at a Brazilian church in Reggio Emilia. They want to reach Italians and needed basic apologetics training. It was very good and said they’ll call me again.

In January (Pastor) Aldo and I will go to Sicily where I’ll hold a seminar on basic apologetics and multicultural evangelization and Aldo will talk on Sunday morning. We hope this will be the first one of many we’ll organize in Sicily.

After many years of thinking/praying about it we finally have a Christian group at the University. I contacted my friends at GBU (Intervarsity), gathered the University students of our church and we had 8 people at the first meeting. A promising start.

We’ll try to organise a public seminar in January when a group of SES students will be visiting with Simon Brace.


Ted, me and Simon

Just recently Jeanne and I had lunch here in Charlotte with Ted W. and Simon B. two leaders from Southern Evangelical Seminary. We discussed future developments in our strategies to reach Europe from Oslo in the north and Parma in the south.


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Progetto Archippo and Southern Evangelical Seminary

Kent, Francesco, Ray, Ted and Moi

About four years ago we had the idea to start a missions training school in Parma.The Cerasino’s and the Arbortivi’s called it, “Progetto Archippo” after the admonition to Archippus in Colossians 4:17, ““Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it.” Once you understand it, it turns out to be a good name for what they are doing here. You can find them on-line at Basically they have attempted to bring together in partnership about fifteen active mission agencies in Italy for the purpose of equipping indigenous believers for ministry.

Simon Brace

When John Haley (ACCI’s Executive Director)was visiting Jarrs in Waxhaw, North Carolina he made acquaintance with South African, Simon Brace Director of SES TEAM  Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte. While talking together, Simon learned of my involvement in Norway and Italy. Both Norway and Italy turn out to be strategic locations for the vision of SES’s mission vision in Europe. The SES mission focus is called TEAM ( Truth Evangelism and Apologetics Mission).

As Simon and I became friends we began to dream together and this month, October of 2011, two important things will have taken place.

SES Charlotte and Progetto Archippo, Parma

Perhaps fifteen nationalities

SES and Progetto Archippo partner to host an Apologetics Conference in Parma, Italy with teaching guests,  Ray Ciervo, Ted Wright and Kent Suter.

SES Charlotte and Ga Ut Center, Oslo, Norway

Johannes Redse

Then at the end of the month Headmaster, Johannes Redse of Ga Ut Centre (Normisjon), Oslo, Norway will visit SES in Charlotte during their annual apologetics conference when some 6,000 people will be in attendance. It is ACCI’s hope that we will be able to formalize a teaching and credentialing relationship between Southern Evangelical Seminary and Ga Ut, Oslo.

Why is apologetics so necessary in Europe? Why can’t people just pray and present the Roman Road, Bridge to

Kent teaching with Francesco translating

Life or Four Spiritual Laws? Simply stated, because people in Europe have no Christian memory and what Christianity they do have knowledge of is grossly distorted. They are not looking for answers in God. Ever since the Enlightenment and the age of reason, Europe has secularized. They are not asking the questions American missionaries are providing answers for. They have been impacted by the ideas of Darwin, Voltaire, Hume, Camus, Sartre and other anti-theists. Hence, they are totally unaware that Christians have intelligent answers regarding origins, ethics,  meaning and ultimate purpose of life. As Ray Ciervo said, “Apologetics removes the brush (misconceptions) that stands in the way of belief.”

Tables were filling up with pizza and conversation

Norwegian Tor-Erik with Ted Wright

This weekend, more than sixty people attended the SES Apologetics Seminar. The teachers were often peppered with bright questions from those in the audience that wanted clarification. It would be impossible for me in this brief blog to tell the reader of every occasion when the light went on and people “got it!”