ACCI Missionary Alessandro Sacco visiting Charlotte

Alessandro’s VISION

On Sunday night he had a very clear vision that he posted on Facebook. He saidPeace to all of you. I’m leaving for Mexico. I wanted to share with you something that happened to me. Yesterday night during a prayer meeting the Lord gave me a vision. I could see myself from the back, I was tall and thin and in front of me there was a long golden staircase. Suddenly 4 steps disappeared and I ran towards them and I opened some kind of door. The sky was wonderfully blue and suddenly a very strong light passed through my body and a voice told me: “Still a little time and we will meet”. I am in peace. Pray for me, for this travel and for my difficult health condition. I will be back in April God willing. A hug to all of you in Jesus Christ”.


Gutsy, 4’1″ Alessandro is Unique…

Missionary Alessandro Sacco

We invite you to welcome and hear thirty-five year old Alessandro while he is here in the area, April 17 to 21.

Alessandro from Palermo (Sicily), Italy is not your usual missionary evangelist. At nearly 35 years of age he only stands a mere 4’1″ in height. He has the following medical conditions diabetes, cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, thyroid and pituitary deficiencies, arthritis, scoliosis, and osteoporosis and yet is incredibly bold in his testimony for Jesus Christ in Italy, Israel and South Africa where he is now serving. His two month trip will take him to Mexico City, California, Minneapolis and finally Charlotte.

Alessandro was born into a poor family in the tough Italian city of Palermo, Italy the traditional home of the Italian mafia. At five years of age he developed a limp and doctors subsequently discovered a brain tumor the size of a mandarin. After surgery and experimental chemotherapy he slipped into a deep coma which doctors said he would never recover.

Although his mother was a devout Roman Catholic she knew nothing of a personal relationship with Jesus but with this horrible news she went straight to Jesus and asked Him to do something. The next morning Alessandro surprised everyone by coming out of his coma.

You can read the entire testimony in his own words at the following link:

Preaching on the Italian street

In those days and particulary in Sicily those who were severally disabled had no future and were expected to beg. Alessandro received horrible mistreatment from fellow classmates who mocked, spit, threw rocks, de-panted and urinated on him.

Rejected by his father, his life seemed so hopeless he finally thought to commit suicide. It was then that his mother met an evangelical lady who presented Jesus and it was then that both he and his mother received Jesus as their Savior.  Within a few years (1992) Alessandro encountered the evangelistic tent ministry called “Christ is the Answer,” and began working with them.

Reaching out to Muslims

He was told by doctors that he would not have long to live so he decided to give Jesus whatever and everything he had in the meantime. Yet the Lord surprised him by telling him that he would travel widely with the gospel and His hand would always be upon him… so penniless as he was he began to preach the gospel on the streets of Italy where less than 1% of the people are Bible believing Christians. Also associated with “Joni and Friends”, this committment has led him now to South Africa where he works with those in poverty, maximum security prisoners, AIDS victims, the homeless and the disabled. He takes the gospel to the most forsaken and dark areas of society.

Although Alessandro is not the glossy, well-educated and groomed American evangelist, we believe those that hear him will be edified, encouraged and motivated to be more courageous in their Christian convictions.

See more of his testimony on YouTube

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