The latest on my health

Last Wednesday I had my first PSA blood test after surgeries in March and August. When I was diagnosed over a year ago, my PSA was at 6.8 having gone from 4.7 in one year so cancer was suspect. After meeting with my surgeon and considering the options, I chose to do implant radiation. It is the least invasive and radical of all procedures that made  sense. After not hearing in as timely a manner as I had expected I called to ask and heard that I was now at 0.71. This  is better than expected, so far. In fact, everything all of the way has been better than expected, so far. I have had NO  significant physical impact or discomfort to speak of and can hardly detect any of the possible inconveniences that might  occur with this procedure. I want to thank all of you for your prayers, interest and support over the last year or so.