Trip 39 / Entry 49


IMG_4201Saturday, October 24, 2014

Long associated with Ann Hinrichs of ACCI, Pastor Angelo Sotera is one of the most open, loving and energetic people I know. He invited me to come to his church on Saturday where I would present two hours or more on Contemporary Evangelism Methods or “Piety to Celebration.”  I was rather preaching to the choir as these people are not at all religious. Chiesa Evangelica di Rovereto is a multi-national congregation and demonstrates that the gospel can be seen as well as heard. They understand the concept of “Party.” At any rate, the material seemed to be new and the stories inspiring, I left with many new friends and an invitation to return.

The Soteras in front of their meeting hall

The Soteras in front of their meeting hall

Of course we had to go eat pizza. This took another hour and this time I missed it entirely. I usually have pizza but sometimes you just have too much so when I travel, I try to mix it up a little. So, with fifteen others eating pizza, I ordered a massive salad. I wasn’t at all disappointed until  Simona gave me a a piece of her Margarita. I could kick myself. This was simply outstanding so I just slugged my way through lettuce, tomatoes, tuna and corn.

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