Trip 39 / Entry 51

Chris Scobie comes to Venice

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


IMG_4284I have talked about so much about Pastor Chris Scobie of Ljubljana in other blogs so I hardly need to say anything about him or our relationship. Chris went to some trouble by driving to Trieste and then taking the train to Venice for a meet up. After a couple of hours with Piero, I went over to find him and once we connected at the Brek Restaurant we walked down toward Piazza San Marco and on the way had lunch of Branzino (Sea Bass) for him and pizza for me. Of course, ninety percent of the conversation centers around church stuff.

I greatly admire Chris and give him credit for sticking to the helm in often very rough seas. This New Zealand rugby player is tenacious so I don’t expect him to abandon ship in a squall.

IMG_4279IMG_4293The afternoon was enjoyable as I brought him over to Giudecca to the Hilton where we could have a nice (non coffee shop) cozy visit and meet Piero who finally came away from his desk for a short talk. At about five o’clock we parted company with him taking the 4.2 Aqua Bus around to the Santa Lucia train station. I went to my room, laid down on my bed and feel fast asleep until 8:30 and then jumped up, showered and ran down the canal to find a restaurant with the kitchen open. I did. I ate at the Cacciatori, a super little local Trattoria. I ordered a thick spaghetti with a fresh tomato sauce, spinach and parmesan. I followed this inexpensive but tasty dish with their signature desert, Tiramisu.

My hosts, Izabella and Natascia

My hosts, Izabella and Natascia

Back to my room and slept until six the next morning when I packed to go to Pesaro, Izabella (an ACCI missionary) and Natacia then attend Conferenza Missione 2014. More about this in Entry 52.

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