Trip 39 / Entry 51


Monday and Tuesday, October 26-27, 2014

IMG_4262I arrived by train from Trento at about noon on Monday then went directly across to Isola Giudecca to see Piero, Natasha and their two children. It is almost unbelievable but it costs 20 Euro for a twenty-four hour travel pass on the Aqua Bus in Venice. Individual trips are seven Euro so it is a little crazy for a fifteen minute canal ride. I went across and walked up to their apartment where Piero was alone minding their two-year old daughter.

This is a typical Venetian scene (left). Mary is locked up so she won’t get out and nobody will be able to get in.

I got friends in high places…

Sometimes I wrangle first rate accommodation.

The Five-Star Hilton.

The Five-Star Hilton.

Piero would go to work at three so we were able to visit until Natasha came home and relieved him so that he could go to his job at the Five-Star, Stuckey-Hilton  where I would stay for a measly 55 Euro a night. This easily compensates for the gouging I took on the Aqua Bus.

IMG_4265It is a grand room (#244) with plenty of hot water and pressure! It is nothing remotely like anywhere else I stay. Everything works and works the way it should.

Because both Piero and Natasha work we didn’t get to see each other as much as we would have liked but I can see that Piero continues to grow and has all of his ducks lined up. I am still trying to explain to Natasha the difference between religion (Russian Orthodox) and Christianity. This is most difficult has she has little background and speaks virtually no English. My Italian is not strong enough to go there.

Here’s the good news. Until now there has been no Christian IMG_4264church in Venice. Community for Piero is something I have prayed about since his hours and water travel make it difficult for him to go far for church or Bible study. He tells me of an old friend by the name of Arianna who has gotten saved and now married to a Nigerian and living in Venice Mestre a brief boat and short train ride away. Arianna’s husband has launched a church and Piero sees that he would like to become involved.  This will not be at all impressive if you don’t understand how rare this occurrence is. Almost NO ONE ever becomes a Christian so for Piero to have a friend that has become a Christian is almost nothing short of a miracle.

More recently I have heard of another church launch in Venice. A Brazilian missionary pastor has a new one on the island. I know of the mother church in Milan and it has a good reputation so this should be a healthy congregation. Great! Piero has a choice.

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